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2017 Season Record Setting Year

Although our season ended a few games short of the state championship, it was still a record setting year for many of our Jaguars!

Nathan Rockwell, our senior varsity kicker, set a new school record with a 49 yd field goal this year.

Ethan Swanegan, a senior, set two new school records on Sept 8th this year with a pass reception record of 15 catches and a receiving yards record of 220 yards.

Brody Parker, a senior, set a new school record of passing yards with a total of 393 yards passed on September 8th against.

Austin Terry, a junior, set a new school record of rushing 237 yards in a single game on October 20th.

Michael Muehlberger, a senior, tied a state record by having 3 pick sixes in a single game. In that same game against Francis Howell, he recovered a fumble and ran it in for a touchdown setting a state record of having 4 defensive touchdowns in a single game.

It was such a fun 2017 season, we can't wait to see what the 2018 season brings! Go JAGS!

2017 Jags Record Setting Year

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