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Gridiron Gala Introduces bidr!

Gridiron Gala will be introducing Bidr!

What is Bidr?

Bidr operates a text-based automated push-button auction platform. It enables users to create an auction by providing access to a custom dashboard where they track their auction, as well as begin, end, and control it with the push of a button. The company also allows users to manage their auctions by:

  • Keeping track of bidding and updating items information from the auction dashboard in real time;

  • Seeing their total bidding in real time throughout the course of their event;

  • Identifying auction items that need an extra push for bids;

  • Uploading appropriate items information and answer questions from bidders

You can also view our event online at bidr.co/events/south

If you’d like to preregister:

You may text south to 855-735-2437

You’ll receive a link to register your name and information for our event.

Additional questions? Contact Nina Walters 816-872-4641

bidr screenshot

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