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Our program is built on a house of D.E.A.L.

Every championship organization has certain core values that guide the organization in their pursuit of success. During trials, when things are not going as planned you can rely upon these values to bring resilience, keep you steady, and to trust the process as you overcome those obstacles. Our team is no different- D.E.A.L. is our creed!



Discipline is essential for the athlete because it builds their character to help them focus and achieve their goals without any distractions. Discipline is where we develop a steady confidence that allows our training to take over to win. Beyond sports, discipline is also instrumental to succeed in other areas of life.


Investors succeed because they develop an edge. Their edge is a statistical advantage that gives them the win often. In football edge is a mix of toughness, desire, joy, tenacity, mixed with a drive to win. Not just win a game, but win every match-up, every play. That edge gives us the advantage when we step on that field!





Accountability isn't just about being sorry when you mess up. It impacts all areas even the way you prepare. If you hold yourself to a reasonably high standard, you will prepare thoroughly throughout the week. You will look for ways to improve your game, including diet, mental toughness training, or speed and agility work. You will push yourself to improve each week.


“Teamwork is what the Green Bay Packers were all about. They didn’t do it for individual glory. They did it because they loved one another.” - Vince Lombardi

Standing in the huddle in the 4th quarter and you have nothing left to give, when you look up at your teammates and have love for them, you know that you can't do it for yourself, but you can do it for your brothers.


Year one we began by removing bad habits and establishing a culture of D.E.A.L.

Year two we continue the work of establishing a culture of D.E.A.L. We have had success but there is much workl to be done!

Blue Springs South Jaguars Football

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