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Spring Plant Fundraiser

We have some beautiful plants on sale for our Blue Springs South Football Spring Plant Fundraiser! We have teamed up with Colonial Gardens to offer some gorgeous Viking Begonias and Boston Ferns. They are currently available for purchase (March 6th-24th) through one of our class reps who can take your order, and payment, and keep you up to date on pick up times currently scheduled for April 22nd.

Junior Reps- Amy Berridge & Andre Albin

Sophomore Reps- Heather Richberg

Fundraisers like these help to support our football program by allowing us to focus funds on important nutrition, safe transportation, and high-quality safety equipment that give our athletes the best chance at success.

Would you join us in this year's Spring Plant Fundraiser? Plants are 1 plant for $30 or 2 plants for $50.

For More Information About The Booster Club Please Email


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